This work on Comparison-Based feedback has been shortlisted by Reimagine Education for an award in the category Innovation in the Science of Learning. [see]. The title of the application is "Unlocking the power of Internal Feedback: Comparison changes everything"

Annoucned Winner of Silver Award 9 December 2020























The Reimagine Education Conference

The Reimagine Conference takes place from 9-11 December 2020 and you need to register and pay for that.  

There is however a pre-conference that is free from 2-8 December 2020 where those who sign up can hear talks from innovators across the world.  Delegates who sign up can also look at all the shortlisted proposals and vote for them using a simple scale. So as well as the Judges' choices of winners this also provides an opportunity for the public to choose their own winner - the people's choice. 

At the conference itself, 9-11 December there are a range of international speakers from education and edtech who are presenting (see program on Reimagine site).  

On the 9th December I am also presenting my work on Internal Feedback and Comparison at 3.00 pm - 3.18 pm GMT. This will be my clearest presentation to date of my research. So I if you wish to get the big picture without or alongside reading the longer and more detailed research article in Assessment and Evalution in HIgher Education [Nicol, 2020] this is the opportunity. This is the reference to the main article:

David Nicol. 2020. "The power of internal feedback: Comparison changes everything" Assessment and Evaluation in HIgher Education [open access

Question and Answer

I am happy to meet with those participating in the pre-conference or the actual conference to discuss the ideas behind my research and its practice or to provide further elaboration. Please use the conference site to arrange a meeting or alternatively email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It will be more productive if you also email me any questions you would like to discuss beforehand.